The first specialised event Magic Leap will be held in Los Angeles

Magic Leap One Creator Edition finally came out earlier this month. The device received a lot of mixed reviews from those who had time to try it out. Moreover, this is just a small number of lucky people from the United States. Now that the equipment has been officially released, content must be presented for it. So Magic Leap needs developers and partners from all over the world. Moreover, what could be better than a specific event of L. E. A. P., which will be held in Los Angeles, California?

From the known information about the event L.E.A.P, it is possible to mark the date. It will be held from 8 to 9 October 2018 and will be devoted to training and improving participants' knowledge of spatial computations. Therefore, at the end of two days, they will learn to maximise the potential of the device.

Another strange statement of Magic Leap is as follows:

"Expect the games with Magic Leap One, a quick look at some of our top-secret collaborative work. Also, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the leading minds in the field of mixed reality. Perhaps we have even some surprises for you ... "

If you already have Magic Leap One Creator Edition, and you want to know more, you should register on the official conference website L. E. A. P.

At the moment, the actual user base is tiny. Moreover, this is not only because the cost of Magic Leap One Creator Edition starts at USD 2,295. In some cities in the US, the device is not delivered. It will be interesting to see if Magic Leap will decide whether to release sales figures for what is mostly a development kit. Perhaps we are still waiting for years of actual development of the consumer product.

The Magic Leap One system consists of three parts, the first headset (called Lightyear), a battery and a processor unit called "Lightpack", and a 6-Degree of freedom (6DoF) motion controller. One of the most significant disadvantages associated with the headset was the field of view (FOV). It is indicated that it is 40 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically. It's slightly larger than Microsoft's HoloLens and much less than any VR headset.

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