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VR Motion Simulator 3 was released on Kickstarter
For much virtual reality (VR) users, one of the most attractive things is to feel a real presence in the virtual experience. Many users even want to go the extra mile and find ways to make the VR experience even more exciting by visiting the VR centres. Recently launched on Kickstarter project called VR Motion Simulator 3 immerses mature gamers in VR at home is designed to satisfy this request directly at home from users.
Motion Simulator 3 is presented as an "affordable, modular and flexible simulator". The device is specifically designed to work with VR to provide new opportunities for an exciting experience.
The appearance of Motion Simulator 3 is similar to devices that we often see in amusement parks or arcade centres. However, no, the invention is focused on home use, which makes it a valuable attribute for VR enthusiasts.
The device is a semi-sphere that is located on the bottom. It has wheels and motors that can create a sense of movement of three kinds for the user. This means that the device is relatively easy to use. It's enough to sit down, put on the helmet of virtual reality and start enjoying a deep VR-experience. The controller is synchronised with the tracker next to the headset to ensure a permanent update of the body position in real time.
Consumers can also adjust the zones of the armrest, and add additional functionality by installing their controllers for game simulators.
Initially, the purpose of Feel Three was to collect £ 50,000 (GBP). However, they quickly surpassed the goal, collecting £ 62,547 at the time of writing the article.
The company has another 29 days to complete the company on Kickstarter.

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