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With advanced optics, integral eye monitoring syphoned field of view, state-of-the-art producing technology, and open integration into the VR hardware and software ecosystem, the market pioneer increases the bar for top VR adventures for the venture - and - VR'Final Frontier'.

SIGGRAPH 2018 - VANCOUVER, B.C., Aug. 14, 2018 - StarVR, the pioneer in superior virtual reality to the venture, today revealed its VR headset specifically architected to encourage the maximum optimal life like VR experience so far to meet company and commercial requirements and requirements.

Found now at SIGGRAPH 2018, StarVR It's just a one-of-its-kind VR head-mounted display that provides nearly 100-per cent human screening angle. StarVR One includes vital technology inventions critical to reevaluate what is possible in virtual reality. With the sophisticated optics, VR-optimized screens, integral eye-tracking, and vendor agnostic tracking architecture, StarVR It's assembled from the bottom up to support one of the toughest user-cases for both enterprise and commercial industries.

"StarVR has its heritage of invention which compels beyond the barriers standing in the form of enterprise-grade VR adventures," explained Emmanuel Marquez, CTO of StarVR Corporation. "StarVR is blazing new paths to supply breakthrough technology to get a brand new world of precision to encourage real business decisions and value production. Together with this StarVR One headset, we are beating the VR final frontier - the venture."

StarVR One includes a broad 210-degree flat and 130-degree vertical field of view. This breakthrough architecture covers nearly 100 per cent of human vision. The unique field of view supports a brand new, more expansive user-experience, approximating natural individual peripheral vision; that opens what is currently potential with StarVR One, for example, service for rough and rigorous VR adventures like flying and driving simulations, and also the capability to discover design problems within technology applications, such as.

StarVR's habit AMOLED screens offer 16-million sub-pixels in a refresh rate of 90 frames per minute to create every detail into your eyes. The proprietary screens are designed mainly for VR having a distinctive full RGB per-pixel arrangement to supply a professional-grade colour spectrum to get real-time colour. Along with StarVR's custom-crafted Fresnel lenses, the outcome is a crystal-clear visual adventure over the full field of view. The state-of-the-art lens precision and design manufacturing ensure unique contrast and authentic neutral colours in most VR encounter.

StarVR One seamlessly incorporates Tobii's industry-leading eye-tracking technology. Together side the attention tracking, StarVR One mechanically measures Interpupillary Distance (IPD) and immediately provides the ideal image corrected for every single user. Integral eye monitoring allows dynamic foveated making, a breakthrough rendering technology that centres high quality leaving simply where the eyes are still focused. Consequently, the maximum quality vision is pushed into the attention focus area when maintaining the ideal number of peripheral vision detail. StarVR one-eye tracking ignites a brand new planet of commercial chances to leverage user objective data for articles gaze investigation along with improved interactivity, for example, heat maps.

StarVR empowers an enormous variety of use case scenarios. Two product variants are available using two different incorporated monitoring methods. The StarVR One is out of the box ready for your own SteamVR 2.0 tracking remedy. Instead, that the StarVR One XT is embedded using active optical markers. Compatibility using optical tracking processes for its toughest use cases. It's further enriched using ready-to-use plugins to get a variety of tracking systems also the extra tools for customisation.

The ergonomic headset design promotes comfortable wearability. The headset weighs just 450g and also the headband evenly distributes the burden to guarantee comfort even during prolonged periods and more usage.

StarVR features excellent extensibility to get ease-of-integration using a vast array of components, environments and systems. Even the StarVR software development kit (SDK) creates developing new information or updating existing VR experience to StarVR's premium wide-field of opinion platform easy. Programmers also have the choice of Implementing the StarVR One dual-input VR SLI manner, optimising the manufacturing operation to deliver the very best image quality. Even the StarVR SDK API has been intended to be familiar to programmers dealing together with existing industry standards and enables them together with feature collections beyond other programs.

The evolution endeavour that's surfaced at the launching of StarVR you have entailed extensive cooperation from StarVR's high-tech tech partners, including Intel, NVIDIA and Epic Games.

"We are eager to partner with StarVR to unite Intel's computing operation with StarVR's high-level level business VR technology to produce exceptionally true-to-life virtual adventures which are bound solely by the imagination," said Kumar Kaushik, GM,'' AR/VR, Intel. "VR has been destined to alter businesses of most types, and Intel and StarVR are in the forefront with this tide. "

"StarVR and NVIDIA have flocked to provide an advanced, solution as mentioned earlier together using all the StarVR One stage," stated David Weinstein, NVIDIA's manager of Enterprise VR. "StarVR It's closely integrated with NVIDIA's Quadro GPU, leveraging VRWorks along with foveated manufacturing to encourage the toughest VR usage cases from the company and commercial markets."

"Unreal Engine is famous because of its capacity to deliver graphics which are unparalleled in quality to immersive VR adventures, lots that are mission-critical and business-priority user cases," explained Simon Jones, manager of Unreal Engine Enterprise in Epic Games. "StarVR's indigenous Unreal plugin gives programmers quicker use of best hardware features, letting them establish their vision of imagination, function and form, and also to make firm value."

"Epic is completely spent in advancing the OpenXR standard for cross XR software, and we're dealing using StarVR to unite Unreal Engine 4 OpenXR application support with StarVR's preliminary OpenXR runtime and hardware, alongside their current UE4 plugin. We're eager to enable programmers to construct articles in a platform-agnostic manner. Also, this is a huge first step towards this," explained Nick Whiting, technical manager of VR and AR, Epic Games.

StarVR Corporation is devoted to the creation of professional virtual reality services, with a concentration on high-end enterprise software and extra-curricular amusement. At the crux of its commercial providers stays the StarVR head-mounted display (HMD). The next-generation StarVR A single headset comes with an industry-leading 210-degree field of view and integral eye-tracking, proprietary full RGB AMOLED screens with 16-million sub-pixels and custom engineered lenses. Founded as a partnership between Acer and Starbreeze, StarVR Corporation is recorded on the emerging stock board of this Taipei Exchange (TPEx: 6681). The Business is headquartered in Taipei, together with existence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm.

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