Owners of Galaxy Note9 can continue to use their Gear VR with free adapters from Samsung

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 9 event earlier this month. In the course of it, there was a noticeable lack of one technology - virtual reality (VR). Previous presentation events usually had a Gear VR program. However, during the presentation of Note 9, nothing was seen that would resemble virtual reality. This does not mean that the owners of the new device should worry about incompatibility since Note 9 will still correspond to the latest version of the headset. However, this smartphone needs a special adapter, which Samsung will send all the owners of the novelty for free.

As Engadget noted in the troubleshooting guide, Samsung indicates:

"Due to the increased size of Note9, a new Type-C adapter is required to connect the phone to the Gear VR with the controller. If you have the latest version (model number SM-R325) all you need to do is contact Samsung at 1-800 and order a new adapter. "

The Gear VR SM-R325 was initially released from the USB Type-C to connect to the Note8, S8 and S9 models. The new adapter will have to wait, as the delivery can take up to two weeks.

While it's nice to see that Samsung is still supporting the Gear VR with its latest flagship devices, the company's interest in the VR seems to be weakened. It is clear that since Note9 already has an adaptation device, there is no reason to update the current version of Gear VR. However, the invention, as a rule, is less and less advertised by the manufacturer.

Over the past few years, the Gear VR has been a headset that has come to market thanks to Samsung's aggressive promotion policy. Probably, now the company wants to put more effort into the new headset. Odyssey + Windows Mixed Reality, the details of which have recently become known. Moreover, that's why she stopped releasing new versions of Gear VR.

However, the Gear VR is still alive. Content is also released. It is especially important to note that YouTube VR from Google now supports the platform.

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