Bhaptics talked about the modular approach to haptics technology

Tactile feedback technology will become increasingly in demand as a development zone as the virtual reality (VR) market develops. In this way, customers begin to look for new ways to make VR experiences more immersive. Stuart Burmeister, Software Engineer Bhaptics, talked about how the company is trying to meet market requirements.

Bhaptics is a company that specialises in tactile feedback technology specifically for VR applications. It helps users to communicate more with the virtual world. The company exists for about three years and is based in South Korea.

Commenting on his mission in the market, Burmeister said:

"We are striving to make the VR more exciting, adding tactile feedback and bringing out a new level of the game."

When asked about what the Baptists system is different from other tactile suits on the market, Burmeister replied:

"Our main focus is a comfort. Therefore, you can easily and quickly wear a suit. We do not want you to mess around with straps. It must be on and then off. It should also be easy to wash, not too heavy or cumbersome to wear. "

Going into further details about how the suit works, Burmeister said:

"Only 40 modules: twenty in front and twenty behind, and they function in an array. Each of these modules will vibrate. So, we send a signal using Bluetooth, and it activates the necessary module. "

On the integration of Burmeister technology, the following information was provided:

"We use our software to make it easy to integrate. We have a waistcoat, which is a major part of our technology. This is because many games use the body. We also have sleeves, as well as facial pads, so if you get a blow to the head, you can feel it. "


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