AR-company Avegant received the next financing

Last year, Avegant announced that it was working on new technology for augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) displays in headsets. Kits for developers were delivered as early as the end of 2017. Now the company is striving to further develop its technology with a new round of investment financing.

Avegant announced a successful closing with an investment of $ 12 million in the AA series of financing from new investors to Walden SKT Venture Fund and China Walden Venture Investments, as well as from past investors.

This money will be used to develop next-generation display technologies for the consumer market further. Based on the existing light field technology, the company will also create high-resolution displays, low latency and high brightness.

Ed Tan, CEO of Avegant, reports:

"The consumer AR industry faces significant challenges in the development of high-resolution displays, small form factor, large field of view, light field and low power. The industry is delighted with our unique solutions to these technical problems that will allow us to conduct previously impossible experiments in AR. "

"Many companies are trying to solve numerous, very complex technical problems to bring the experience of AR to consumers. We decided to invest in Avegant because their solutions elegantly solve these problems creatively. They take into account the human factor, without losing sight of technology, "said Andrew Cau, Managing Director of Walden International. & Nbsp;

At present, it is not known when the light field technology will see a commercial release, although some developers and researchers are already working with this technology.

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